Through the Looking Glass

At Artrix Glass Studio, we have developed the techniques to turn your windows and glass into an art form. We pride ourselves on original work for your home or business that will bring a beauty to each space. Specialising in both etched glass through sandblasting as well colourful and contemporary leadlight windows, utilising the SGO system. We will have an option that will suit your home.

  • Leadlight Windows (overlay technique)
  • Sandblast Etched Glass
  • Deep Carved Glass
  • Art Glass and more
  • Art Deco designs and Replacements
  • Custom Designed Mirrors

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Beauty Through Technology at Artrix

Our techniques provide outstanding results on a variety of glass types including clear, textured, toughened or laminated glass panes. Once decorated these glass panels can enjoy pride of place in your home or business as a functional work of art and can even be used as one of the surfaces in a double glazed unit.



While glass as a concept is incredible, in today’s age it is as commonplace as a brick. At Artrix Glass Studio we see the potential beauty that could exist in everyday windows. Our skills have been honed for many years to create an art form that could transform your home or office today. To start the conversation with our glass artists see the details available on our contact page.

Start the Conversation for Glass Art

Is your home missing something? Could your office use some life?

Call Artrix Glass Studio and transform your windows into a beautiful work of art that can transform your space. Send us your queries today through and let us see what we can create for you in Trentham.