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Artrix Glass Studio are specialists in Leadlight Windows. View our Leadlight Windows page here for more information about our service, or give us a call on 027 451 7397 to discuss your requirements.

Crafting Beautiful Spaces with Glass

Leadlight windows have a timeless appeal, and at Artrix Glass Studio, we're passionate about bringing this traditional art form into the modern age. Our designs range from classic to contemporary, each tailored to enhance the character of your space. Leadlight windows are more than just glass; they are a play of color and light, transforming any room into a vibrant, dynamic space. The interplay of light through the colored panes creates a warm, inviting atmosphere that changes throughout the day.

At Artrix Glass Studio, we respect the traditional methods of leadlight window making while embracing modern techniques and designs. This blend of old and new ensures that your windows are not only visually stunning but also meet contemporary standards of quality and durability.

Ready to transform your space with beautiful leadlight windows? Contact Artrix Glass Studio at 04 527 7186 or email us at artrixglass@xtra.co.nz. Let us bring the magic of leadlight windows to your home or business in Upper Hutt.

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